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3. Injection pharmacotherapy or "erection on demand". It is used as a second line of therapy for all forms of ED in cases where erection pills do not give the desired effect or their use is contraindicated. Erection pills and injections of vasodilators into the penis can be used simultaneously as a combination treatment for impotence. 4. Vacuum erection therapy or the use of vacuum erectors of various models and modifications to obtain or maintain an erection. It is a type of second line therapy for organic and less often psychogenic forms of ED. 90% efficiency. There is no need to use drugs with side effects. Non-aggressive method of treatment.

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Helps to create an erection while keeping all the precautions. 5. Surgical methods of treatment: operations on the vessels of the penis and falloprosthetics. The first group of interventions is subdivided into operations on the veins (restriction of venous outflow) and arteries (increase in arterial inflow) of the penis. Vein surgery can be used effectively in selected cases of ED, especially when combined with erection pills.

Operations on the arteries are ineffective and are used less and less. Falloprosthetics is the most effective and radical of all types of impotence treatment, the only method that provides a complete cure for organic ED. Surgical methods are usually used only in cases of organic ED when conservative therapy has failed.

So, erection pills are the first line therapy with which most often the treatment of any form of impotence begins. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the only tablets available in the world today that have real efficacy in the treatment of impotence.

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